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We, the Alpha Global Ministries (AGM) are extremely happy and excited to inform you that the New Church named “Alpha Gethsemane Prayer House” had been dedicated in the name of Father, Son and the Holy Ghost on 28th April 2021 at Sundaraiah Colony, Pedda Dornala, Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh – India. Our Founder & President Rev.N.Vijaya Bhaskar Rao presided over the programme and delivered the Word of God. We have been overwhelmed with joy for experiencing God’s presence and the Holy Spirit’s leading and guiding through out the programme. Our General Secretary N.Nayomi sung very well with her God gifted voice. We invited and expected more than 200 people for the Church Dedication Programme. But, because of COVID-19 restrictions, we limited and confined for 100 people only. Our Joint Secretary Pastor B.Ramaiah @ Adam and one of our ministers Pastor Emmanuel addressed the gathering with their valuable blissful greetings. The congregation enjoyed the programme with joy and peace of Jesus Christ. The Dedication Programme came to an end with love feast (lunch) and blessings in the name of our Heavenly Father, Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.

We are very thankful and grateful from bottom of our hearts to you all who helped and supported for this New Church building. We love you all so much. Your prayers are answered. Glory to God in highest. Amen!

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'New Church Construction Project among non-christians in Sundaraiah colony, Pedda Dornala Mandal, Prakasam Distrtict, Andhra Pradesh. Work is in progress. Please pray for this project to be accomplished.'

We, the members of “ALPHA GLOBAL MINISTRIES” are deeply intending to plant churches wherever necessary. There is a drastic need to establish Churches and to take the Word of God into the hearts of the people those who are living nook corners of this area. We noticed the urgency of the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. At this juncture we would like to prepare the souls of innocent and ignorant people so as to inherit the everlasting life in the eternal Kingdom of Heaven. We would like to strengthen, flourish and prepare the church before the return of Jesus Christ.

The members of Sundaraiah Colony, Pedda Dornala Mandal, Prakasam Distritct, Andhra Pradesh, India are badly need of a church. Among them 42 members taken baptism in the mighty name of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. They are rendering regular worship and gathering under a small hut. In such a way we are deeply motivated in preaching gospel. We purchased a site of 0.02 Cents for the construction of the church in this village. We are shouldering a responsible burden of constructing the church in order to glorify our Lord. We urge to extend your heartfelt kindness and charity to construct this church in the name of “ALPHA GLOBAL MINISTRIES.”

In order to construct churches we need sand, bricks, cement, Iron, metal roofing sheets, iron pipes etc…, we need sufficient labor for construction of churches. The people in some villages are prepared to provide site for churches for free of cost. At the same time we ought to purchase sufficient land for the construction of churches. The cost of the material for the construction of a church (Sand, Cement, Bricks, Iron, Metal roofing sheets etc…) approximately is Rs. 3,74,,000/- (Three lakhs seventy four thousand rupees only) USD $ 5500.00 (Five thousand and five hundred US Dollars).

We are deeply meditating and in deep prayers for the success of planting churches in this area. We are assuring your heartfelt wishes and blessings. We can’t finish this assignment without your fervent prayers to glorify the name of our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ.

Hence, we hope you will consider our appeal and make our project success at an early date for the worship of Heavenly Father.


A major percentage of illiteracy is prevailing in our area. It is a serious problem causing unemployment and low earning income to sustain people’s day to day life. The people are suffering lack of proper food, clothing and shelter. Now a days they are recognizing the importance of education to enhance the quality in all spheres of their life and they are intending to send their children to schools for education and to inculcate good manners and discipline among their children. On the contrary they are not in a position to afford the expenditure in terms of spending for their education. There are no schools in some villages. Now we are deeply intending to construct schools wherever necessary. We are extremely happy for intending to provide free education, accommodation and food. We are not at all intending to collect any amount from the students admitted in our schools.