AGM Goals

Fulfilling the drastic needs of poor and needy of this backward rural, remote and tribal areas. We are bound to fulfill the spiritual thirst of the people by preaching the main motto and ideology of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We would like to do justice to the physical and spiritual needs of the people through our heartfelt love towards the fellow human beings.

  • To impart discipline to lead the Nation with the understanding of Universal Human hood.
  • To build the Christ centered methodologies and approaches according to the Scripture for the welfare of the Church and Society.
  • To evangelize the Nation in a pluralistic Indian context with indigeneous methods.
  • To construct the Church building
  • To establish Training Centers, Educational, Technical and Theological Institutions, Schools and Colleges in both in religious and secular in a modem of context.
  • To develop the child in spiritual and social levels by conducting children programs.
  • To make the youth to be self-reliant and to have sustainable village (local) development.
  • To make efforts to bring down social evils such as castcism, dowry, liquor, smoking and to avoid child labour etc.., and work for the eradication of the same.
  • To create awareness of the Socio-Economic development, health like HIV/AIDS, T.B, Deaf and Dumb etc,.
  • To help the Poor, Orphans, Old aged, Physically handicapped and Widows who are in desperate conditions.
  • To extend services where the natural calamities are occurred and environmental concern.
  • To lead the people to God through Christ by presenting the Gospel through Crusades, Open Air meetings, regular Bible study, witness and Christian testimony.
  • To promote the missionary work everywhere.
  • To conduct free Medical Camps / Health awareness camps
  • To uplift the down trodden.
  • To bring equality and unity in and around the church local and non-local areas at our might.
  • To impart theological education and to challenge students for the great commission.
  • To reach the unreached with the Good News of Jesus Christ.